2015 Conference Handouts

The keynotes were wonderful. Hilarious, inspirational and very relatable. CTLC always does a fantastic job of getting big name authors who are excellent speakers!
Author evaluation

Culture Building for Science Fiction and Fantasy - Hilari Bell


-The Workshop


Fairest of All: Fairytales for Every Taste- Catherine Boddie, Bridget Kiely


Getting the Word Out about Great Books: Creating Blogs and Book Trailers to Celebrate YAL - Dr. Jill Adams, Jason Fick, Kim Mendelsohn, Peter Schroeder

- Prezi

- Book Trailer Handout

- How to Make a Blog

- Platform Piktochart


Keynote - Wendelin Van Draanen

- Runaway Reader's Guide

- Flipped Discussion Guide

Loud and Clear: Finding Your Writing Voice - N.K. Traver, Lori Goldstein



Mashmallow War of Epic Proportions! - Joanna Nelsen Renden, Tori Sparrow



No “BORED” Games - Dan Blodgett, Larry Maynard

-Teen Literacy Game List

-Werewolves Among Us

-Werewolves Game Cards 1

-Werewolves Game Cards 2


Saving Lives Through YA Literature - Madeleine Kuderick, Linda Vigen Phillips

-Press Release

-Suggested Reading

-Writing Exercise


Teens and Authors and Libraries, Oh My! - Joanna Nelson Rendon, Renee Sanning, Becca Philipsen

-Tips for Hosting an Author Event Presentation


-Alley Condie Handout

When Censorship Happens - Kristin Pekoll


Writing from Real Life - Beth Fehlbaum